Visa Processing

Employment Visa Processing 

After the medical check is done, we process the visa for candidates who are fit and ready to travel.

Once the visa is stamped, we continue to inform the status of the candidate’s VISA so that it is ready for departure.
we will complete the travel formalities once we receive/endorse the Visa and inform clients of the candidate’s departure

Pre-departure orientation

It is mandatory for us by the government to organize pre-orientation for candidates before their departure.
Therefore, we provide them with guidance on their employer’s salary, working conditions, culture and customs, etc.
We believe that the orientation would help candidates to acclimate a new climate to their working conditions initially towards higher productivity.

The purpose of the orientation is to give workers some suggestion of their workplace and environment before their departure so that they can easily adjust to their new environment upon arrival at the workplace.

We have designed the courses according to the country to guide workers who are going to be deployed for employment abroad. It aims to demonstrate knowledge of immigration, the rules and regulations of the country in question, labor laws, rituals, social taboos, tradition and culture, and basic knowledge of the language.

Output arrangement.

The travel arrangement is the final procedure. Before leaving, we make the affidavit to be signed between the worker and the employment agency.

After signing the contract with the workers, we make travel arrangements. This also includes the delivery of all documents (original passport, air ticket, and orientation certificate along with an orientation book) to the employee. They are now ready to unfold.

Head of Documentation:

The individual files of all the selected candidates will be kept, which will contain the following documents.           Received Application AR Form
Passport – Original: for name, date of birth, DOE, DOL and place of issue
Personal data: mother, father, spouse and children abroad
Complete CV of the candidates
Educational certificates of work experience
Academic candidates
Candidates for Technical Qualification
Driver’s license if you have one
Ten recent PP size photographs
Medical report
employment agreement


Authorization: We also help recruited candidates obtain immigration authorization from the Department of Labor (BMET) and help candidates become familiar with the necessary paperwork to be completed when traveling abroad, such as the boarding form, the exit, security clearance, etc.

The departure of the workers

Once all the paperwork and formalities have been completed, we inform the employing company of the flight data and the time of arrival in its country, by fax, email, or SMS telephone.
Then employees are dropped off at Dhaka airport, Chittagong by our office representative.


Once the visa is received, we process the workers. We try to ship them as soon as possible. According to our experience, we send them around 10 to 15 days after receiving the visa.
We inform the workers about the procedure for entering the airport, crossing immigration, and the path during the flight to the destination.

In addition, the procedure to clarify immigration in the diction, rules, regulations, traditions, culture attitude towards the citizen and other migrant workers of the traditions, culture, attitude towards the citizen and other migrant workers of the respective country in question.

With best wishes, the workers leave for the airport on their way to their destination.