Kosovo is the world’s second youngest country, having declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Kosovo is a small, land-locked country in the Balkans, a region located in southern Europe that made up part of former Yugoslavia. For its tiny landmass (roughly 4,200 square miles), Kosovo has a varied topography, ranging from vast plains to picturesque mountains along its northwest and southern borders. Kosovo has had a tumultuous history, and most people know of Kosovo from the atrocities that took place during the Kosovo War during the 1990s. Kosovo as an independent country has emerged as one of the world’s youngest democracies.

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RIT Kosovo is Kosovo’s only institution of higher education awarding American degrees, which is done through its mother institution – Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. Located in the capital city, Pristina, RIT Kosovo offers coursework in English for students from a variety of disciplines. Due to the country’s relatively new status and democracy, RIT Kosovo is a particularly interesting study abroad destination for students interested in foreign policy, politics and government. It offers students with a unique education and perspective that can make them contributors in building a democratic and prosperous country. MSUB students can study at RIT Kosovo for either a full semester or year abroad, or they can participate in a short-term, credit-bearing Peace Studies Program during the summer.

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